What I Wore Last Week: a Week of Real Outfits 8/19-8/24 | Truncation

Happy Monday friends!

It’s been a bit since I’ve done a week of outfits, but I’ve kind of missed doing them! I enjoy going out and taking photos in pretty light and with planned outfits, but there is something really fun about showing you everyday life and what clothing actually worked for me.

Plus, I think I’ve found a good corner of the house to take the photos in! We’re in the middle of painting our living room… and when I say “in the middle” I mean that we’ve been sitting with a half painted living room for about four months now.

We’ve just been too busy with summer activity!

But anywho… back to the outfits. I think I’m going to do these “what I wore last week” posts every week (if I can get my you know what together), and I’m going to do my best to share my thoughts behind the how/why I put the outfit together and whether or not I ended up liking the combo. And most of my clothes are pretty basic so you should be able to recreate a lot of these looks without buying a bunch of new clothing. Win!


:: Outfit formula: Basic Tee, Basic Denim, Heels

:: Where I wore it: Church and then hanging around the house.

:: Why I put it together: I love the style of this t-shirt. The pocket on the front, and the boxy shape give it a slight vintage vibe, and the weight of it makes it easy to tie in a knot like I did here. And I love the cream of the tee, paired with the cognac color in these clogs. I decided to pull it all together with some dark denim since I’ve been wearing a lot of lighter washes lately. It just felt more fresh and interesting! I did decide to go with a clog to give myself a bit more height. I think tying a shirt at the waist (or tucking it in) can have the effect of cutting you off in the middle, but the extra height from a heel balances everything back out. I kept my accessories simple and gold to play off of the warmth in the tee and shoes.

To recreate this look:

:: t-shirt :: denim :: clogs c/o

:: Outfit formula: Peasant Blouse, Denim Shorts, Lace Up Sandals

:: Where I wore it: Grocery Shopping with my girls.

:: Why I put it together: I love the look of crisp white with pale blue denim and nude colored shoes. Plus, I’ve been wanting to get more mileage out of this blouse! I found this vintage beauty at the end of spring, and I truly adore it. BUT it is such a statement piece that it’s taken some time to figure out the best way to pair it. I did a similar look with denim at the beginning of the summer that I also loved so I think the key to a top like this one is… keep everything else simple with minimal accessories.

To recreate this look:

:: Blouse – Vintage. Sort of Similar here or here :: Shorts – Vintage Guess. Find Similar Here. :: Shoes. No longer available. Similar here :: Hair Clip – Thrifted. Find Similar here

:: Outfit formula: Cami, White Shorts, Slides

:: Where I wore it: To the park with my girls

:: Why I put it together: I LOVE the look of an all pastel outfit, but to be honest, I sweated PROFUSELY in this outfit. You wouldn’t think looking at it, but that top is not breathable at all! It’s a poly blend so I shouldn’t be surprised, but man oh man! Rivulets my friends. Rivulets. I do like this outfit aesthetically, but it wasn’t the best choice for going to the park. The sweater was hot, the shorts got dirty… oh well. I think next time, I will reserve this outfit for a summer date with my husband.

To recreate this look:

:: Cami – Vintage. Similar found here :: Shorts – Vintage Guess. Similar found here :: Shoes c/o. No longer available. Similar Here :: Necklace :: Bag – Vintage from the Oak Closet c/o. Similar found here.

:: Outfit formula: Linen Tank, Tapered Pant (or jogger), Lace Up Sandal

:: Where I wore it: Story time with my girls

:: Why I put it together: This tank has been an all star piece for me this summer. I have gotten so much wear out of it! I have NOT gotten as much wear out of these pants so I wanted to take them out for a spin. As mentioned above, I love the look of an all pale neutral outfit and this totally fit the bill. I really loved how this turned out. The high waist of the pants make the crop “mom” friendly, and the shoes don’t take away from the interesting structure of the top pieces. I thought it was well balanced, plus? Super comfy!

To recreate this look:

:: Top TTS :: Pants c/o (go down one size) ::  Shoes. No longer available. Similar here :: Bag :: Earrings

:: Outfit formula: Shell, Straight leg pants, Slides.

:: Where I wore it: Play place with my girls.

:: Why I put it together: I paired this outfit with the outfit from the day before in mind. I loved the linen tank with the tapered leg trousers so I thought I’d try to recreate it with these pieces. Kind of a fail in my book. First, the linen tank wasn’t the right length for this look so I had to knot it, which ended up making me look like my waist was right under my boobs. It wasn’t a very elongating look, and it made me uncomfortable. Never a good sign in an outfit! I also don’t love the tan with cognac look. It’s too much… brown. I think this would have looked much nicer with either white or black neutrals. What do you think?

To recreate this look:

:: Tank – Vintage. Find Similar Here :: Pants c/o (size down 2 sizes, I went down one size, but could have gone down even more) :: Shoes c/o. No longer available. Similar Here :: Scarf :: Bag – Vintage. Find Similar here.

:: Outfit formula: Short Sleeve Blouse. Shorts. Trainers.

:: Where I wore it: Running errands with the girls, and then on a family walk later that night.

:: Why I put it together: I think this was my favorite outfit of the week! It’s very Stay at Home Mom, but in a much cooler way. I love the mustard color of this top and how well it pairs with the blue denim and the cream shoes. I love wearing a more structured top with a pair of casual trainers on the bottom. It just feels a bit edgy to me. 😉 I did try to make the outfit a bit more interesting by buttoning the blouse all the way to the top, and half tucking it at the front. Some casual accessories really bring the whole thing together… win!

To recreate this look:

:: Blouse. No longer available. Similar vibe here :: Shorts – Vintage Guess. Find Similar Here. :: Shoes c/o TTS :: Tote – Bought in Milan. Similar here.

So there you have it! A week of outfits. It’s fun to be sharing these with you again. What about you? What was your favorite outfit from the week?

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    August 27, 2018

    I love all of these and adore you! There is a bit of a progression of the outfits through the week. That last outfit stands out the most (most colorful) while still managing to fit in with the others.

    • Reply


      August 29, 2018

      Thank you Mikayla!

  2. Reply


    August 28, 2018

    Hi Karin, loved the post and I agree, real outfits are really interesting.

    I loved the knotted tee in look 1. Does it stretch the tee out much?

    Cheers Tania

    • Reply


      August 29, 2018

      Thanks Tania! It doesn’t stretch it out, but only because I use a little rubber band to tie it up. So the actual shirt isn’t being twisted.

  3. Reply


    August 23, 2019

    I love all your outfits! Even though they are simple, they are still unique and fun! I love the outfits and will definitely try to recreate them!

    • Reply


      August 29, 2019

      Thanks Suzane! That’s exactly what I try to go for 🙂


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