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The Weekly Three Featuring Uncommon Goods

The Weekly Three Featuring Uncommon Goods 4

Linen Top c/o | Thrifted Overalls: Similar| BagEthical Version | Clogs | Scarf

Lately I’ve really been reflecting on this weird world of blogging that I’m a part of.

It’s a weird thing where (at least in the way I share with you guys) you’re basically letting people read your diary and it’s at the same time exhilarating and terrifying to be so vulnerable.

You open yourself up to judgment as you learn and grow and try and fail.

And because writing is an artistic endeavor you can also feel quite defensive and vulnerable about how people are responding because it feels so personal. A positive comment feels very validating and a negative comment can feel like a rejection of your art form.

Anyway, I don’t really have a point in all of this, it’s just something I’ve been thinking about lately and I wanted to share it with you.

In other news, if you saw yesterday’s Instagram post then you know that I decided to quite pumping. It’s such a weird feeling to know that I’m done, but I’m also rejoicing! I have spent so much time doing it and shed many tears. I feel that in many ways I’m getting my life back. It’s an exciting new season!

SO. Now that I’ve gotten my rambles out, lets get to the point of this post… it’s another weekly three!

This week I’m actually going to be focusing on home goods.

The Weekly Three Featuring Uncommon Goods: How to Shop for Sustainable Home Goods. My favorite website and thoughts on Thrifting

I’m realizing more and more that sustainable shopping doesn’t just end with your clothing. There are so many industries that are treating their workers unfairly and making poor environmental choices and so it’s important to look beyond our fashion choices.

I’m still a firm believer in thrifting first. Obviously it’s the most sustainable way of shopping, but it also is going to ensure that you have a home that is 100% unique to you. I used to be totally on board with having a cookie cutter Ikea home, but now I’m seeing the value in having a mix of pieces that were picked up over time and with a lot of thought.

But I know sometimes thrifting doesn’t do the trick… in which case it can be hard to find sustainable pieces that won’t completely break the bank.

Obviously if something is made in an ethical way it’s going to be more expensive than a trip to Ikea, but sustainable and affordable can coexist.

So for today’s weekly three I’m sharing one company that is doing both of those things and I’ll be sharing my top picks from the website. I was going to share my top three pieces (hence fitting into the weekly three idea), but I couldn’t narrow it down below four pieces. So… yeah it’s the weekly three, but we’re just going to do things a bit differently this week.

So all that to say:

Brand: Uncommon Goods

About the brand: Their mission is to connect designers, artisans, or artists who create handcrafted goods with customers who want to support smaller and better. The company attempts to decrease their environmental impact and choose artists that use recycled or sustainable materials as much as possible. They work with local non profits and seek to maintain financial independence so they can stay true to their values. They curate items that encompass kitchen goods, home goods, artwork, jewelry, and funny doormats (among others). They have so many unique items and several of their housewares are now on my wishlist!

Pieces worth mentioning (and all have been added to my wishlist): Like I said, I was going to show you three of my favorite items, but I wasn’t able to narrow it down below four pieces (though the fourth is definitely a bit of a splurge).

The Weekly Three Featuring Uncommon Goods

I’ve recently gotten into diffusing oils and I think this Nebulizing Aroma Therapy Diffuser is stunning! It’s made of hand-blown glass and beechwood. It’s made without plastic, it doesn’t require water to diffuse your oils and it has a timer on it so you can conserve energy. I seriously love this!

The Weekly Three Featuring Uncommon Goods 1

love this throw! The colors are vibrant and yet still somehow muted. Plus it’s so unique! This Kantha Blanket is made of upcycled vintage saries by fair trade workers in India. Each blanket is hand stitched and so no two blankets are the same.

The Weekly Three Featuring Uncommon Goods 2

I chose these large nesting baskets because, while I love that baskets are “in” right now, I know it’s hard to find baskets that are made sustainably and won’t break the bank. And thrifting baskets can be touch and go depending on how well made they were to begin with. These baskets are made of sustainably harvested seagrass and jute in Bangledesh and their handles are wrapped in upcycled saris. These baskets support dignified, sustainable employment for marginalized people groups in India and Bangledesh. So good!

The Weekly Three Featuring Uncommon Goods 3

And finally, this is the item I couldn’t leave out! How amazing is this Yosemite Coat Rack?? I just think this is so cool! Definitely more of a splurge, but I think this would look amazing in your entry way. They are made by hand using reclaimed mangosteen wood (trees that when they are done bearing fruit have traditionally been burned to make room for new trees. The artisans take that wood and turn them into these coat racks).

So there you have it! What do you think? How have you managed to shop more sustainably for house goods? Or is this still something you struggle with? Any good websites I should know about? Thrifting tricks? Let me know in the comments below!

* Thanks to Uncommon Goods for sponsoring this post!

Until next time,




Did you know that when you shop the links in my posts I may make a commission? I never want to encourage you to shop (that’s the opposite of my goal here at Truncation), but if you are in a place where purchasing something makes sense and you use my links I am so appreciative! Thank you for supporting Truncation and the time and effort it takes for me to create content for you.

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