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Spring 2018 Outfit 31: Tips for Finding a Jumpsuit

Spring 2018 Outfit 31: Tips for Finding a Jumpsuit

Spring 2018 Outfit 31: Tips for Finding a Jumpsuit

I never thought I’d be much of a jumpsuit kind of girl.

They’re just SUCH a statement piece, and I’ve always been more of a basics kind of girl.

But I’m realizing that while they do tend to stand out, they actually can pull double duty as a statement and a basic.

Now with that said, not all jumpsuits are created equal, so here are a few tips for finding a jumpsuit that works for you:

// Fit is super important so don’t be afraid to have it altered. I actually had my tailor bring up the crotch area on this one because it sat too low on me (I have a really short torso). Other common adjustments are the length of the “straps”, i.e. the shoulder area or the length of the legs.

// Figure out your lifestyle, and which type of jumpsuit works for you. As a stay at home mom, this is the perfect jumpsuit for me because it basically feels like I’m wearing pajamas. If you work, maybe find one with a bit of structure to it, and if you get out of the house a lot, but still have a more casual lifestyle look for something in between.

// Pay attention to the fabric (yep applies here too). Drape is really important with jumpsuits. Cheap fabric will almost always lay awkwardly, and there is nothing more awkward than a jumpsuit that clings to all the wrong places (ya know what I’m saying?). This doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot, just look for secondhand options on eBay or Poshmark that are made from nicer fabric.

Well there you have it! Have you tried out a jumpsuit? Love em or hate em?

Some of my favorite jumpsuits:
Relaxed, yet structured linen option (on sale!)
A bit of a splurge, but it can work for work or play
For those who want to look like a REALLY cute mechanic
A couple of cute styles for summer here and here
The jumpsuit of my linen dreams
A similar vibe to mine
And something a little more affordable

P.S. If you like the outfit I shared today, would you consider sharing it on Pinterest? Just over over any of the images and click the “pin it” buttons. Thanks so much!

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