The One Where I Actually Got Dressed

Pregnancy, Maternity Outfits, Maternity Clothes, 31 weeks pregnant, black jogger pants, maternity clothes

Hello there!

Here’s the situation: I got dressed a few times this past week… so I thought I would share those outfits with you.

They aren’t fancy. And they are taken with my iphone in a mirror that’s extremely dirty (although I did actually clean it towards the end of the week. After I found out that the smears were from Kit licking the mirror and I about died from disgust).

So there you have it: I present you a mediocre roundup of mediocre outfits with mediocre quality photos. Yay!

Pregnancy, Maternity Outfits, Maternity Clothes, 31 weeks pregnant, black jogger pants, maternity clothes

maternity tank, storq c/o (review here)| joggers: old from athleta. similar (non maternity) here | sandals: everlane c/o (on sale!)

This was the first outfit I wore in about a week and it was only because I had a Dr. appointment. But after I got dressed that day I actually felt a lot better and it motivated me to make a bit more effort the rest of the week.

One thing I wanted to mention is that these sandals from everlane that I originally gave a somewhat mixed review have become a recent favorite of mine. They are still a bit tight on me, but they’re actually super comfortable and I love the color. It’s a bit bold, but it seems to go with everything. And they’re now a part of the Choose what you Pay section on Everlane’s website.

Maternity Outfits, Veja Sneakers, Black Maternity Dress, Black Bodycon Dress

dress: storq c/o (review here) | shoes: veja | bag: shin+na c/o (review here) | earrings: gldn

I’m getting to that point in my pregnancy where not a whole lot fits (or is comfortable anyway), but this dress from Storq has been such a godsend. It’s so comfy and stretchy and I love the softness of the material. Lately a lot of linen has been too scratchy on my skin so I have to layer underneath it which makes me way too hot. So I appreciate the pieces in my closet that are still easy to wear like linen, but made of fabric that doesn’t irritate my skin.

I’ve also been loving the combo of this linen bag with these Veja sneakers. I like that the color of the linen bag brings out the darker details on the sneakers.

Blush Colored Linen, Blush Dress, Dusty Rose linen, Dusty Rose Dress, Veja Sneakers, Veja Canvas Sneakers, Mother Daughter Outfits, Mother of Twins

linen dress: linen fox | shoes, veja | scarf: whimsey & row | earrings: thrifted

The fact that I’m matching my girls in this photo is purely accidental, but I’m not sad about it!

This dress from Linen Fox is one of the few linen dresses left in my closet that doesn’t bother me… and I think it’s purely because the fit is so loose that it doesn’t really sit “on” my skin… it just kind of floats around me and is super comfy.

Whenever I wear sweet dresses like this one, especially in colors like this blush pink I like to wear it with accessories on the opposite end of the spectrum… like tennis shoes, and an animal print scarf. It balances out the whole look so you don’t end up looking like too little girlish.

t-shirt: old from old navy. similar here | shorts: target maternity | sandals: madewell | circle necklace: gldn | initial necklace: joy personalized

This is honestly the most basic of outfits, but it was super comfy and I liked it. This t-shirt was one of the few maternity pieces I actually kept and I’m glad I did because most of the non maternity t-shirts that I’ve been wearing are no longer working (can you say growth spurt?).

I did finally pick up another pair of maternity shorts and I’m glad I did because the waistband is super stretchy and comfortable and honestly makes a big difference in how I feel. I’m still a big proponent of trying to make due with what you have, but there does come a point where maternity clothes can make a world of different in how you feel mentally.

I also specifically wanted to point out this new initial necklace I got because it’s something I’ve been eyeing for a while, but wanted to nail down baby boy’s name before ordering it… I LOVE it! It’s so dainty and pretty, but it gives so much interest to your neckline. I highly recommend it!

SO. What did you think of the world’s most mediocre roundup?? Fun I know.

I’m actually at my parents right now, which means I’ve been getting dressed every day so another one of these roundups will be coming soon.


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