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Summer 2017 Capsule Wardrobe Wrap Up

Summer 2017 Capsule Wardrobe Wrap Up

Summer 2017 Capsule Wardrobe Wrap Up Summer 2017 Capsule Wardrobe Wrap Up Summer 2017 Capsule Wardrobe Wrap Up

Holy Moly you guys… as I sit here and type this I am so tired!

I’ve been visiting my parents for what will be 10 days by the time we leave. It’s been so nice to let the girls spend time with their grandparents, but David had to drop us off because of work/band commitments so we’ve been without him for a lot of the time.

And even though my parents are here to help, it’s hard to do this whole parenting three babies thing without my wing man (I have no idea if I used that phrase, correctly but I’m going to throw caution to the wind and use it regardless).

But then just when I think I have it tough, I met a mom today who has triplets and twins. All I can say is that she is 100% my new hero. And she seemed so calm and put together. I think she needs to write a book.

Anyway, my point is that… well I don’t really know what my point was.

The exciting thing is that I’m sharing my wrap up post for my summer 2017 capsule wardrobe with you, which means that I’ll be sharing my fall capsule with you on Monday!

One of the things I love about capsules is the excitement they bring whenever you start a new one.

Plus there is the added bonus of it being the start of cooler weather, holidays, cozier weather… all of that good stuff.

But enough rambling. I have a video where I share my thoughts so without further ado, here it is:

When are you guys transitioning to your fall capsules? Let me know in the comments below!

And just for fun… tell me your favorite thing to do when the temps get a bit cooler.

Until next time,




Clothing Mentioned in the video:




Tank: Sold Out. Short Sleeve Version

Linen Dress: Sold Out. Almost Exact


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  • Reply Annie

    I’m on a July/Aug/Sept capsule, but I’m itching to switch to a new fall capsule NOW! My current capsule is quite summery – in style and in terms of warmth, so I’m not sure if I should swap out a few items to get me through to October, or just switch to a new fall capsule now/early?

    September 8, 2017 at 9:12 am
  • Reply Mikayla

    Fussiness can really make or break whether or not a piece is worth wearing. But that dress is amazing! Maybe you can try styling that linen wrap dress as a vest and wear it over another dress (like your black dress) or over a shirt and bottoms. Keep it open for a flowly look, and tie the tie in the back.

    September 10, 2017 at 1:01 am
    • Reply Karin

      Those are all great ideas Mikayla! I’ll have to work with it a it more and see if I can make it work. 🙂

      September 11, 2017 at 4:40 pm

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