Spring 2018 Outfit 25: A Year Long Capsule Follow Up

Spring 2018 Outfit 25: A Year Long Capsule Follow Up

Spring 2018 Outfit 25: A Year Long Capsule Follow UpSpring 2018 Outfit 25: A Year Long Capsule Follow Up

Okay so let’s revisit that chat that we had on Monday.

There was a good conversation that happened in the comments section, and basically a lot of you said that you struggle with seasons as well, but like to still follow at least some form of seasonal capsule wardrobe… even if it is a loose version of it.

And that’s basically what I’m wanting to move towards, and kind of have been doing for a while now.

BUT, here’s where I think I may need to clarify… as a capsule wardrobe blogger who has historically followed the four season model, it gets a bit tricky when the weather doesn’t cooperate with my carefully crafted blogger schedule ha!

You see I spent a lot of time and energy putting together my spring capsule, and making the collage (those things take hours of work) only to end up not really utilizing the capsule I spent so much time creating.

So I guess what I’m saying is that I’ll still be practicing a loose version of a seasonal capsule wardrobe (like so many of you), but I won’t be sharing it in such a formal way here on Truncation.

Don’t worry, I haven’t abandoned ship! ?

I love the ethos behind capsule wardrobes and that it keeps me “in check”, but I want to spend my time and energy in this space focusing on the here and now and not the what if. I hope that makes sense!

Outfit Details:
Linen Tee
Denim: Vintage. Similar
Flats (no longer available in this color)

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