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Spring 2018 Outfit 32: Re purposing Clothing

Spring 2018 Outfit 32: Re purposing Clothing

Spring 2018 Outfit 32: Re purposing Clothing Spring 2018 Outfit 32: Re purposing Clothing

I mentioned this in last week’s outfit roundup, but I think that I’m going to figure out how to remove the bell sleeves from this top.

I love this top overall (though sometimes I feel a little too trendy in it… does that make sense?), but the sleeves drive me crazy!

They are just a little too long, and they don’t push up well, so they end up getting in the way of everything.

Not that long ago I would have just sold it because I had an issue with it, but I’m really trying to be better about re purposing clothing so it works for me.

My plan is to find a tutorial on how to stitch bell sleeves closed (or figure it out myself if I can’t find one) because the overall structure of this top is really lovely. I love the color, and it’s a nice thicker weight that I don’t really have in any of my other long sleeve tops.

I think there is more to the idea of fast fashion than it being just about the places that are making cheap, affordable clothing.

It’s also about a mindset that we, as the consumer, have about our clothing.

We’re so quick to cycle through clothing if it doesn’t work, and we rarely ask ourselves how long term an item is before adding it to our closets. There is this constant flow of clothing being passed through our closets…

even in the ethical fashion community.

My goal for 2018 is to figure out how to slow that flow down.

Yes, I have been in a time of needing to add because of post partum body changes, but as I’m nearing the end I’m ready to start figuring out how I can keep the clothes I currently have in my closet for as long as possible.

I’ve got my little pile of mending in my room, and I’m excited to give life to some clothes that haven’t been working for me in their current state.

So what about you? Do you do a lot of mending? Anyone have ideas for how I can stitch up the bell sleeve?

Outfit details:
Statement Tee: Thrifted | Same Tee from Original Source | Ethical Option | More affordable option | Everlane Option
Denim: Everlane
Shoes: Everlane (no longer available in this color) | Similar
Bag: Etsy

Until next time,

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1 Comment

  • Reply Susan Fahning

    Let me see if I can describe this. Can you easily and carefully remove the ruffle cuff? If so, take them off, and cut each one into a rectangle, wide enough that if you sew it into a tube, you can swe it to the bottom of the sleve. Once you’ve done that, fold it and sew it at the new hem on the wrong side. Sort of like a deep cuff on the sleeve, so n you can get it to the length you want. Make sense?

    May 7, 2018 at 9:50 pm
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