Sunshine, Rainbows & Love Letters to my Children

Sunshine, Rainbows & Love Letters To My Children 1

Sunshine, Rainbows & Love Letters To My Children 1Sunshine, Rainbows & Love Letters To My Children 1Sunshine, Rainbows & Love Letters To My Children 1Sunshine, Rainbows & Love Letters To My Children 1

Can I tell you a secret?

 I’m not one of those moms that has sunshine and rainbows oozing out my pores.
Sometimes I wish I could be, but I’m just really not.
And before you think I’m calling these women out, I’m not. I know a few of them and the ooziness is for real (that sounded weird, but… shouldering on!)
I admire their ability to paint childhood with such an ethereal brush.
But here’s my reality:
The minute I sit down to write a flowery poem to my daughters,
(probably while going to the bathroom *cough catching up on my social media while hiding in the bathroom)
a certain two year old will somehow discover my hiding place and make me lose any semblance of a train of thought I may have had.
But here’s the thing:
I love my kids so much that I kind of can’t handle it.
And I’ve been known to cry myself to sleep at the thought of my girls leaving for college (dramatic much?).
And while I love them more than anything, I’m just not able to ignore the fact that on a lot of days I feel so largely overwhelmed by this whole mothering thing that all I can do at the end of the day is muster is a good laugh at all the crazy that happened throughout our day.
In other words, I have a hard time waxing poetic when I’m “ignoring” our fifth tantrum of the day.
Or when I’m wondering how a hundred stickers ended up on the back of my shirt without me noticing.
But don’t worry, I make darn sure they know they are loved. I tell them through a touch on their cheek or a soft I love you in their ear. I tell them by having a tickle fight when they need attention or hugging them when they say they need one. I tell them by eating every meal with them and teaching them about household chores and responsibility. I tell them when we laugh at an “oopsie” instead of making them feel bad about not being perfect.
It’s real life. But it’s my version of a love letter.

Until next time,
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  1. June 29, 2017 / 10:53 am

    Your girls are so lucky to have a loving mother like you. I admire the honesty that you bring to motherhood, because it is definitely not easy. I see so many trying to make it appear as sunshine and roses all the time, but the fact is little ones throw fits or are restless at night. Thank you for showing all sides of being a mom.

    • Karin
      July 7, 2017 / 11:57 pm

      Thank you so much Erin! I honestly don’t even know how to do anything, but be honest!

  2. June 29, 2017 / 1:57 pm

    Aww, I love this. My mom’s the same way and it’s kinda interesting to read this. Like most teenagers I went through a phase of, “why can’t my mom be different?” (Lemme tell ya, fellow teenagers, one day you will be glad she is the way she is, and honestly, the way you want her now is not really any better. You would still ask, why can’t my mom be different?) But anyway, now that I’m a tiny bit more mature than I was, I’m enjoying taking life a day at a time and rediscovering the love in our home. Your blog posts are quality stuff(:

    • Karin
      July 7, 2017 / 11:59 pm

      Thank you Lottie! I’m so glad you’re rediscovering love in your household! I can promise you that your doing so is truly blessing your mom!

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