What I Actually Wore: Outfits for the Week of 4/30/18

What I Actually Wore- Outfits for the Week of 4/30/

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the WEATHER HAS BEEN SO AMAZING YOU GUYS!!

Okay I’m done. I’ll try to take a break from singing praises about the weather.

This week we got out quite a bit on walks in our neighborhood and it was so nice. We have a couple of trail systems that we go on that Kit loves to run on, and it’s just the best.

I can’t wait until all three girls can run together.

Ella and Rosie are getting so close to crawling on their hands and knees. And they just started pulling themselves to a standing position at the couch! Yay! (If you’re new here, they are going to be 16 months, but they were born prematurely and have struggled a bit with their gross motor skills).

I remember being at the point with Kit where I was totally over the feelings of not being ready for her to walk, and I just wanted her to do it already ha! I mean, she was 19 months when she started walking so she was also a bit of a late bloomer in that area, but I’m already there with Ella and Rosie.

It will just be nice to not have to carry them everywhere anymore.

But anyway many walks were had this week, and many deck sessions were enjoyed. We’re in full on popsicle and water table mode.

So with that said, here are my outfits for the week of 4/30/18 (here is last week’s post in case you missed it):


What I Actually Wore- Outfits for the Week of 4-30-18-12

Cardigan: Thrifted. Similar | Tank: Eli & Barry (Currently Unavailable). Similar in T-shirt Style | Denim: Vintage. Similar | Shoes | Earrings | Purse: Vintage. Similar

So David and I had a date night, and we went to the Casino ha! Not our typical date night, but we were in the mood for something different. We ate at the buffet, and then played the penny slots. If you haven’t noticed already, I truly am an 80 year old woman living inside the body of a 21 year old (*cough 34 year old). This is probably a tad overdressed for the casino (I mean this is Minnesota, not Vegas), but I like to get glammed up for date night. It’s fun!


Sweater | Jacket | Denim: Thrifted. Similar | Shoes | Scarf

And the rest of the week, I’m pretty much going to say the same thing! Monday we stayed in, and then I ran some errands after the girls went to bed. I picked up some pinking shears for making clothes, which makes me feel totally legit now. Like I’m a legit sewer because I can cut my fabric in this cool zig zag way. I’ve been looking for a pair of white denim for several years now, and I finally found this pair on eBay. They are Gap brand, but they are actually really high quality, and they fit like a dream. So happy to finally have these in the rotation!


Tee | Skirt: Vintage. Similar | Shoes | Bag | Barrett: Thrifted. Similar

Yay for skirt weather! It was even a bit too hot for my converse… which is crazy considering a few short weeks ago we couldn’t leave the house because of a massive blizzard. I actually had to dip into my summer clothing for this skirt. I honestly haven’t been much of a skirt person until recently, but I think I’m going to get a lot of use out of them when it gets really hot. They’re just a nice alternative to a short, and they are so easy to pull on.


Dress | Shoes | Barrette

And a dress! So many warm clothes this week. I’ll be totally honest with you about this outfit: I loved it, but I felt a bit too 90’s in it. I enjoy dressing in a vintage way, but I’m pretty sure I wore this exact outfit when I was 13. I think I need to wear my hair straight or up in a topknot to make it a bit more modern.


What I Actually Wore- Outfits for the Week of 4-30-

Tee c/o. More Affordable Option | Denim: Thrifted. Similar USA Made | Clogs | Hat: Thrifted. Similar

And yet another walk! We did venture out of the house to go grocery shopping so there was some amount of productivity. I always feel so bad for the Aldi cashier because they don’t really know how to handle a cart full of babies. There’s always this awkward moment where they don’t know if they should throw groceries in the cart next to them and let me transfer babies, or if they should just wait for me to finish loading before ringing up. Typically they choose the former, but the sweet cashier waited for me so I didn’t have to do a transfer… bless him!

And that’s it! I feel like we had a really full week, even though we pretty much stayed in the whole time. I guess warmer weather does that to you. I did manage to snap a ton of pictures on our outings, so I’ll end with a photo diary of sorts.

Have a good weekend friends!

What I Actually Wore- Outfits for the Week of 4-30-18-12What I Actually Wore- Outfits for the Week of 4-30-18-12

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