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Karin Rambo of shares her Maternity Capsule

I finally did it!

After only eight months…

I’ve put together my maternity capsule!

I’m actually pretty happy that it took so long to put this together for you, because it took me this long to “finalize” it.

A few things you should know:

  1. It’s pretty small. Mostly because I don’t give a flip at this point and pretty much wear the same thing every day. But also because who wants to spend their entire life savings on a wardrobe you only wear for several months?
  2. A lot of it revolves around layers. This works well for me because I can swap in larger base layers (like my pregnancy tees) as I get bigger.
  3. Most of it was purchased back in 2014 when I was pregnant with Kit. What I did add to it this time, I either purchased secondhand or I purchased a high enough quality that I can sell it when I’m done having babies. Ethical maternity clothing is quite hard to find so this was my way of trying to be as sustainable as possible. Was it perfect? Nope. But sometimes you have to do the best you can and be okay with that.
  4. I have added in non maternity pieces here and there, but at this point I’m pretty strictly living with what I included in my capsule. I’m just too large at this point to get away with wearing non-maternity.

My biggest tips for anyone putting together a maternity capsule is to keep it small and utilize what you already own as much as possible. Also, don’t buy anything until you know that you need to. With Kit, I wore non-maternity clothes (except jeans) pretty much the whole time. My point is that you may not actually need an entire maternity wardrobe… you may end up only needing a few pieces. As they say, “don’t put the cart before the horse.”

Oh and eBay/ThredUp are two fantastic places to get used maternity clothes.

What do you think? Did you have a maternity capsule? What did you include in it? Let us know in the comments below! Especially if you worked during your pregnancy… what type of work clothes did you include?

Until next time,




Links to the clothing items in my maternity capsule:

Long Sleeve Blouse: Gap.

Short Sleeve Blouse: Old. Similar.

Maternity Flannel: Old. Similar.

Gray Tunic: Thrifted. Similar.

Black Tunic: Everlane.

Gray Tee: Old. Similar.

Striped Tee: Target.

White Tee: Old. Similar.

Cowl Neck Sweater: Motherhood Maternity.

Pullover: Old. Similar.

Zip Up: Old. Similar.

Chambray: J. Crew.

Marled Cardigan: Old. Similar.

Gray Duster Cardigan: Old. Similar.

Green Sweater Jacket: Old. Similar.

Tan Cardigan: Old. Similar.

Boyfriend Cardigan: Old. Similar in a different color.

Red Dress: Old. Similar.

Gray Dress: Thrifted. Similar.

Maternity Sweatshirts: Target.

Leggings: Motherhood Maternity.

Distressed Jeans: Old Navy.

Boyfriend Jeans: Old. Similar.

Black Jeans: Old. Similar.

Heels: Thrifted. Sort of Similar.

Brown Booties: Thrifted. Similar.

Cognac Booties: Thrifted. Similar.

Black Booties: Thrifted. Similar.

Rain Boots: L.L. Bean.

White Sneakers: Converse.

Black Sneakers: Converse.

Flats: Target. Same style, different colors.

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