30 Days of Summer Style Day 21: Little White Cami

30 Days of Summer Style Day 21: Little White Cami

I’m going to keep this post short and sweet today because I am still recovering from the weekend… and it’s Wednesday ha!

I’m really starting to feel my pregnancy, and a weekend of late nights is making for a long recovery process… which makes me feel so old, but hopefully it’s just pregnancy. 🙂

As a result, we’ve kept a low profile the last few days and not done a whole lot but I can feel that we’re all a little restless so we’ll probably try to get out and do something tonight. Or more likely: I’ll fill the pool after naps and then try to sneak out for a trip to Target after the girls go to bed… or even more likely: the girls will swim after naps, and then David and I will curl up with Parks and Rec and ice cream after the girls go to bed.

I’m sorry I’m so boring and have nothing to tell you, but this is literally my life. #worldsmostboringblogger

I have to say, this maternity cami that I’m wearing was an impulse purchase this spring and I wish I wouldn’t have bought it. First of all, it’s fast fashion. Second, it won’t work after pregnancy. And finally, it’s so “roomy” that it’s a risk to wear it (I can’t wear a bras underneath). I mean it IS super comfy, but I have to really watch myself whenever I leave the house and that’s super annoying. I’m still figuring out this whole impulse shopping thing, but I do know that when I have major life changes I’m much more tempted.

I’m trying to lean into that, and figure out ways I can stay on track with my goals even when I’m feeling especially emotional. I have a feeling it’ll be a life long process, but I’m thankful for the growth I’ve seen over the last few years, and I’m hopeful for the growth the will continue in the future.

I hope you guys have a great holiday weekend! I’ll hop on quick tomorrow to show you my outfit, but I probably won’t say much. What are you all doing to celebrate?

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Outfit Details:

Cami, ASOS Maternity | Non Maternity Option Here (Sustainable) | Linen Option Here (Sustainable)

Shorts, Pink Blush Maternity (sold out) | Non Maternity Option Here (Sustainable) | Affordable Option Here

Shoes, Everlane c/o (Sustainable. See Review Here)

Earrings, GLDN (Sustainable)

Purse, Old | Similar Here (Sustainable) | Affordable Option Here

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