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June Beauty Favorites: Baby, Beauty, and Cruelty Free

Karin Rambo of shares her June Beauty Favorites

Hey guys! It’s that time again…

June Beauty Favorites time! Okay that was cheesy. I’ll be done now.

I’m not going to say much because I already said way more than I needed to in the video so here’s the video!

Just a quick afterthought:

Part of the reason I do these favorites videos is because I really enjoy talking/using beauty products, but the bigger reason is that I’m hoping to influence others to think a little bit more intentionally about the products they are using. Because I’m a Christian, I feel a strong conviction to care for, and honor, God’s creation. To me, one of the easiest ways I can do this is by choosing beauty/home products that don’t test on animals. I’m hoping that by showing you, and providing recommendations for, beauty products that are cruelty free you’ll be inspired to start moving in that direction as well. I also felt a strong urge to post cruelty free beauty videos on YouTube specifically because of the huge amount of product recommendations that happen in that space. My hope is to provide an alternative for those that want it, and maybe get some other viewers thinking about it. With that said, I’d love your support! If you could subscribe, like, comment, etc. on my videos it “encourages” YouTube to show my content to more people, which will hopefully result in more people making the switch. Whelp… there’s my shameless plug (enter sheepish emoji here). Thanks for all the support you already give me… I feel incredibly blessed to have this wonderful, supportive community.

Okay I’m done.

Let me know what products you are loving! Does anyone have any recommendations that you think I would love?

Until next time,



Last Months Favorites Video can be found here.

June Beauty Favorites:

Baby Shampoo and Detangler

Body Wash

Hand Cream

Face Exfoliating Lotion

Lip Tint

Bronzer (this trio is on sale at Nordstrom)

Eye Cream

Blotting Papers

Body Oil

Makeup Eraser (Jumbo Size) (Mini Size)

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