Spring 2018 Outfit 27: I’m Mama

Spring 2018 Outfit 27: I’m Mama

Even though these photos are shot in advance, this outfit is appropriate today because of the sunglasses.

All of the dark circles today you guys.

We were awoken last night at about 1:30 to the dreaded “seal bark” cough from Ella… Croup.

It’s horrible you guys! David ended up taking her to the emergency room because she was struggling to breathe, and thankfully they were able to put her on a steroid so that her breathing returned to normal.

It was heartbreaking though because she would cry because she couldn’t breathe, and then her crying made everything flare up. My poor baby!

But they had to keep her there for a few hours to monitor everything, and of course I couldn’t sleep while they were there so…

we’re operating on very little sleep around here today.

It’s funny how life with kids is just so incredibly unpredictable.

Nothing is ever guaranteed, and being awake at any random time of night is just par for the course.

I’m still reminded of the sweet words from my, now departed, Grandpa: “these are the best days of your life Karin… don’t forget that.”

I know they are.

And sometimes I look at Kit or Ella or Rosie, and I just want to bottle up the essence of who they are in that very moment.

Because I know soon enough Kit’s voice won’t sound so little girlish, and Ella and Rosie won’t want to cuddle as much, and they’ll all need David and I a lot, lot less.

Things are much harder right now than they have ever been for me… I’m less of myself now than I ever have been. Sometimes I feel like a wisp of smoke that will blow away at the slightest breeze, but I’m also…

comforter supreme, my hugs and kisses are coveted…

I’m mama.

Outfit Details:
Cropped Sweater: Everlane
Black  Jeans: Vintage! | Similar Everlane Option
Loafers: Thrifted | Everlane Option| More Affordable option | even more affordable option
Silk Scarf: Thrifted | Similar

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