Fall Lookbook Featuring Postpartum Friendly Options

Fall Lookbook Featuring Postpartum Friendly Options

I have something fun for you guys today: a lookbook!

Originally I was planning on doing a pospartum specific lookbook, but I kind of realized that the outfits could work for anyone despite their stage in life.

So I’m calling this a fall lookbook with options that are postpartum friendly… everything I show can be worn while breastfeeding, no fancy fabrics that can’t be cleaned/washed, and shoes you can chase your kids in. You catch my drift.

But back to my point about these outfits working for everyone:

I’ve come to realize that it’s important to wear things that make you feel like your old self. I COULD show you a postpartum specific lookbook full of legging outfits, but, well…

It’s not that hard to put a tunic or sweatshirt over a pair of leggings. But also because I want to encourage you to move beyond leggings/slouchy tops (unless that’s your normal style, in which case go for it!). I would encourage you to try to get back into your normal style as soon as you are able…

with revisions of course.

I am a firm believer that weight loss shouldn’t be a huge priority immediately after giving birth so there are things about your normal style you may have to adjust until/if you experience weight loss.

For example: denim. I am nowhere near my typical denim size and I only had one pair in my wardrobe that sort of fit. But I also recognized that a few pairs of denim would make a big difference in my overall confidence so I bought a few pairs in a bigger size.

I know I show a lot of sustainable clothing options here, but I did choose to shop from Gap & Old Navy. Why? Because they were more affordable (with the discounts they offer) and fit into my budget better. I know that’s not the most sustainable option, but it’s real life. Funny thing though, I actually REALLY love the pairs I picked up so I’ll probably have them taken in at the waist if I lose weight.

My tops were pretty easy because I tend to go for oversized fits, BUT with the addition of the higher waisted denim I can wear my closer fitting tops and still feel life my outfit is flattering.

My point in all of this is: I think it’s important to make an effort to look like yourself after giving birth (I’m not talking right away… I lived in leggings & sweatpants while I was still healing!), and buying a SMALL amount of clothing that flatters your shape may do just that.

So hopefully this lookbook will give you some inspiration for ways to look cute without relying on JUST leggings and tunics.

So with that! Let’s get into the outfits:

The links below are affiliate links:

White Tee: Organic Basics c/o | Button Down: Everlane c/o | Striped Tee: Mott & Bow c/o | Black Blouse: Everlane | Black Turtleneck: Everlane
Cream Cardigan: Everlane c/o | Gray Cardigan: Everlane (no longer available so linked similar) | | Caramel Sweater: Everlane (no longer available so linked similar) | Hooded Sweater: Oyun c/o (no longer available so linked similar) | Gray Cable Sweater: Tradlands c/o | Turtleneck Sweater: VETTA | Gray Cashmere Sweater: Mott & Bow c/o | Black Sweater: Everlane (no longer available so linked similar)
Trench Coat: Thrifted, Everlane has a similar version | Linen Jacket: Love and Confuse |Sweater Coat: It is Well c/o | Houndstooth Blazer: Everlane c/o | Wool Coat: Everlane, c/o
Vintage Wash Jeans: Old Navy | Blue Jeans: Old Navy | Jumpsuit: Everlane | Washed Black Jeans: Gap | Black Pants: Isabella Oliver c/o
White Loafers: Everlane c/o (no longer available so linked similar)| Sneakers: Everlane c/o (no longer available so linked similar) | Brown Boots: Everlane c/o | Snakeskin Boots: Dolce Vita | Black Loafers: Everlane c/o | Black Boots: Everlane c/o | Rain Boot: Everlane c/o
Red Bandana: Madewell | Hat: Gigi Pip | Cashmere Scarf: GoLightly Cashmere c/o | | Necklace: GLDN | Earrings: GLDN c/o

There you have it! These lookbooks are really fun for me to put together so I hope you enjoyed it! And honestly, I use them for my own inspiration later when I get stuck with my closet. It’s nice to have these posts to look back on for ideas… in fact, you may want to put together your own lookbook, even if you don’t share it with anyone!

If you want to check out my lookbook from last fall, you can find it here.

What kinds of outfits are your go to’s for fall dressing?

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  1. Tara Rasmus
    November 2, 2019 / 5:57 am

    This post is FANTASTIC and you look absolutely AMAZING, per usual! I’m not postpartum but I got sooooo many great outfit ideas from this post (will def be doing some shopping from it 😬!!). Bookmarking this one!! Thanks so much for taking the time to put it together!

    • Karin
      November 6, 2019 / 4:24 pm

      Thank you so much Tara! I’m so thrilled you found it useful!

  2. November 2, 2019 / 11:36 am

    Karin! You nailed every single one of these looks! Love, love, love!!!

    • Karin
      November 6, 2019 / 4:24 pm

      Thank you Laura! I really appreciate the feedback!

  3. Krystyna
    November 4, 2019 / 8:43 pm

    What is your signature lip color? It’s wonderful!!

    • Karin
      November 6, 2019 / 4:24 pm

      Thank you! It’s Glossier’s Zip. It’s pretty much the only lipstick I wear!

  4. November 6, 2019 / 7:15 pm

    KARIN! All of these outfits are SO GOOD.

    • Karin
      November 18, 2019 / 8:54 am

      Thanks Lo!

  5. Robyn
    November 15, 2019 / 7:01 am

    Too cute. Every. Single. One.

    • Karin
      November 18, 2019 / 8:47 am

      Thank you Robyn!

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