What I Wore Last Week + Ethical Rain Boots

What I Wore Last Week + Ethical Rain Boots

I just need to take a second to brag about David and I for a second okay?

We just finished painting our upstairs living area… and it only took us eight months ha!

So yay us for finishing the longest running project ever!

It’s amazing how something as simple as painting can be so freaking hard to complete when you have kids.

But we did it! And now we have a fun project for our kitchen… nothing big mind you, but something I’m excited about.

David and I finally sat down and had a chat about house projects, and we both agreed we want to have all of our immediate projects done by December 1st so we can just enjoy the Holidays without having these things looming over us.

*sigh of relief*

SO my outfits were relatively simple this week (well sort of), because I needed to be in and out of paint clothes.

And I ended up with only four outfits because I’ve actually been really struggling with my cluster headaches lately.

I’ll be sharing more about my headache history in an upcoming going dairy free post, but one thing that my diet changes haven’t solved are my cluster headaches. I think (like 99% positive) that they are hormonal because I got them so terribly when I was pregnant both times, but they’ve been full on this week and it’s been a big struggle.

For those that don’t know what cluster headaches are, they’re basically super intense (for me at least, they are worse than migraines) headaches that come and go for a seemingly random length of time. Usually mine last for about a week and they appear every 3-4 months. Thankfully I usually have relief in the mornings, but then my afternoons are pretty bad.

So yeah, I’ve been dealing with that, and it means things have been a bit slow to get done.

Anyway… moving on! Let’s get into my outfits:

What I Wore Last Week + Ethical Rain BootsWhat I Wore Last Week + Ethical Rain Boots

:: Outfit formula: sweatshirt and jeans

:: Outfit thoughts: I LOVE THESE JEANS. Ha! There is something about vintage denim that is just so, so comfortable. I don’t love the way they look with boots, but it wasn’t a super cold day so I was able to get away with just a high top sneaker. If you’ve been struggling to find a good pair of vintage denim, I have a vintage denim guide here that you might find helpful. I do really like the overall vintage vibes this outfit gives with the shrunken sweatshirt, vintage denim, and converse. Totally my kind of vibes!

:: To recreate this look:

sweatshirt c/o (15% with code KARIN15): limited sizes available, but restock happening this spring :: jeans: vintage. find a similar pair here :: sneakers: thrifted. same available here :: necklace

What I Wore Last Week + Ethical Rain BootsWhat I Wore Last Week + Ethical Rain Boots

:: Outfit formula: jumpsuit and layers

:: Outfit thoughts: every time I wear this jumpsuit I love it more and more! It’s definitely a statement piece and it’s not everyone’s cup of tea (it’s not David’s ha!), but I just think it’s really cool. I really need to figure out how to style it with other shoes, but I just love it with these Birkenstocks so much that I haven’t felt a need to branch out. Although I did change things up (kind of out of necessity), by layering it with this turtleneck I thrifted. And yay! My bangs and hair are finally long enough to pull into a low ponytail! I loved my short hair, but I’m growing it out right now because I just need to be able to put it in a ponytail. My lifestyle requires it haha! Plus, the longer my hair is, the wavier it gets (not sure why?), so I can air dry it a lot more when it’s longer. So yes… growing it out ha!

:: To recreate this look:

jumpsuit: thrifted. same available in different colors here :: turtleneck: thrifted. similar here :: earrings :: birkenstocks

What I Wore Last Week + Ethical Rain BootsWhat I Wore Last Week + Ethical Rain Boots

:: Outfit formula: all the rain gear

:: Outfit thoughts: We’re in that weird time of fall where it can rain one day and then be 20 degrees and snowing the next. This was one of those rainy days, and it was a bit fortuitous because I had just received these rain boots from Alice & Whittles the day before! Alice & Whittles’ rain boots are made out of natural, fair trade rubber and utilize ethical manufacturing practices. They focus on simple, timeless designs that are designed with quality, but still offered at affordable price points. They were kind enough to send me the Minimalist Ankle Boot in Black & White (retails for $96, size a full size up because they run small). They’re really cozy, and kept my feet dry on a super rainy day. Definitely check them out!

:: To recreate this look:

long sleeve tee :: chambray (on sale!) :: denim c/o :: rain coat: super old. similar here :: rain boots c/o (order one size up)

What I Wore Last Week + Ethical Rain BootsWhat I Wore Last Week + Ethical Rain Boots

:: Outfit formula: sweater under overalls

:: Outfit thoughts: Lately Rosie has been very clingy to me, and refused to be put down so she got to be a part of this day’s photo shoot ha! She and Ella are teething SO bad right now and Ella responds by weeping at everything, and Rosie responds by needing lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots (I could keep going) of cuddles. I love this outfit because it’s a mostly thrifted outfit! This sweater has been a huge favorite for me so far this fall, and I found a couple of similar sweaters for you guys below. But I love pairing big, chunky sweaters like this underneath jumpsuits/overalls. I actually just found these overalls on eBay. I’ve been looking for a long time for a pair of overalls that are comfortable and suit my body type. These are really nice because they’re a bit slouchier so they actually fit a lot more like a jumpsuit. I’ve also been really enjoying wearing very little makeup on my face, but then wearing red lipstick and a bold earring. It’s super simple, but it looks like I put in a lot of effort… which if you’ve been reading carefully, you know that’s a priority for me. 😉

:: To recreate this look:

sweater: thrifted. similar here and here :: overalls: thrifted. same available here :: clogs :: earrings

OK that’s it! I actually feel a headache coming on, so I’m going to leave things here and go take a bath before the girls get up from their nap… say a prayer into the past that they don’t wake up the minute I get in (which happens way more often than not).

I hope you guys have a great week!

Until next time,



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