A Week of Outfits: End of Summer Outfits

everlane tee dress, everlane day sandals, white circle bag

Only three outfits for you guys today. I had a bit of a “pajama only” week due to a wave of unbelievable tiredness that came over me. Plus, I had a bit of a false alarm right at the 35 week mark that made me want to really take it easy.

BUT I still had to leave the house a few times and I figured I shouldn’t subject the world to a very pregnant lady wearing booty pajama shorts. I mean I’m sure someone in Hollywood could pull that look off, but I’m more of a Celeste Barber.

ANYWAY, three outfits were worn, and so three outfits shall be shown!

Let’s do this thing.

Details for this look:

Tired of this dress yet? I really have gotten so much use out of it, and can’t wait to style it next spring/summer without a bump. There’s something about the cut of it that makes it so easy to style, and I don’t find that it needs a bunch added to it. Simple jewelry, simple shoes and bag and it looks like you’ve put in a whole lot of effort when you really haven’t. On a side note, I’ve never done the khaki green/white combo before, but I kind of love how it turned out! It’s the perfect way to do end of summer outfits in my humble opinion.

everlane long weekend tee dress in fatigue, size s (gifted) (review here)

everlane day crossover sandal in white, size 9 (review here)

anthropologie circular tote bag in cream

gldn circular motherhood pendant

joy personalized dainty name necklace

aurate short beam hoops in rose gold (gifted)

Warby Parker Chamberlain Glasses in Crystal

Glossier Generation G Lipstick in Zip

Details about this outfit:

At this point in my pregnancy, most of my wrap dresses no longer fit. I just find the waistline constricting and my larger bust size isn’t cooperating with the smaller size ha! This thrifted Christy Dawn dress is still going strong however, and it’s due to the adjustable waist and the hidden snap at the bust line. Genius! I love pairing softer dresses like this one with my boater hat and clog sandals. There’s something very “walking through a French countryside about it” that makes me feel romantic and feminine.

thrifted christy dawn, dawn dress in size s. it’s similar to the chamomile print currently available

troentorp anna clogs in cognac, size 39 (currently $20 off) (gifted)

lack of color wanderer woven straw boater hat

joy personalized dainty name necklace

Warby Parker Chamberlain Glasses in Crystal

Glossier Generation G Lipstick in Zip

Truth: these are the only pair of maternity jeans that fit at this point. With this being my third pregnancy, my hips have… erm… expanded more than they ever have in the past so even though I have other maternity jeans… I can’t get them over my hips. So these are the ones I’ll be wearing! But honestly, with only a few more weeks left, I’m more than happy to repeat the same pair of jeans vs. buying a new pair that will get hardly any use. I’m so sad this top is sold out in this red color because it’s just SO pretty! But it is still available in three other colors, including a washed black that I keep debating about. I’m going to hold off until spring though because with cooler temps around the corner, I won’t get use out of my short sleeve blouses for too much longer.

the japanese go weave light square shirt, size 2. no longer available in red, but available in three other colors (gifted)

jeans are super old maternity jeans. similar here

Madewell Addie Slide Sandal, size 9. no longer available. a few sizes still available in red. There’s a secondhand pair available here in size 6

gldn circular motherhood pendant

joy personalized dainty name necklace

friday by jw pei saddle bag in tan

Well… that’s all for now folks! I hope you’ve enjoyed another round of very pregnant Karin rambling on about her outfits. Hopefully I’ll see you on Monday!

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