Outfit Roundup for the Week of 8/16: Third Trimester Bump

third trimester bump, tent dress, striped dress

Let me tell you: while I am still feeling pretty crappy, my energy has at least returned, and I am in full on nesting mode.

It’s crazy how many things you HAVE to do in the name of nesting.

But I justify it by reminding myself that I’ll not be able to get much done for the next year or so, so I have to do it NOW ha!

The good news is, the nursery is finally done and our hell hole of a guest room was finally organized and cleaned so my mom and mom in law have a nice play to stay when they come to help.

Because of my return of energy I’ve been able to pull it together a little more often and take the girls on outings… which means I’ve been getting dressed a lot more.

So THANK you third trimester energy for providing this outfit roundup, which I’m affectionately calling: embracing my third trimester bump.

I haven’t worn this dress a lot this summer, mainly because the sleeves make it a little too hot (I’m running a bit hotter these days). We’ve had a bit of a cooler spell lately so I was happy to pull it out again, and I just have to say: I LOVE this dress. It’s so feminine and soft and I feel really good in it. It pairs really well with these clog sandals and I think the overall effect is really nice.

Details about this outfit:

Dress: Bliss Linen (gifted)

Clogs: Troentorp, currently on sale (gifted)

Initial necklace: Joy Personalized

When I was linking to this skirt, I noticed that they have a tagline on the site that says “reclaim your waist”… AMEN to that! After months and month of wearing looser fitting clothing it does feel really nice to wear an outfit that gives me a wasitline. I paired it with this tee from Mott & Bow. I’m new to this brand, but I’ve been really impressed with everything I’ve tried. This tee is really soft and comfy and I like the width of the stripes… does anyone else feel super picky about the type of stripe they wear?

Details about this outfit:

Striped tee: Mott & Bow (gifted) (sustainable)

Skirt: Storq – review here (gifted)

Shoes: Veja. This color combo is sold out. Similar combo available here.

Necklace: Joy Personalized

I bought this dress recently because I’m in that stage of pregnancy where my skin is super sensitive, and even natural fabrics like linen have been a bit much for me unless I layer underneath. I wanted a few softer knits that I don’t have to layer underneath for the really hot days… so I broke down and bought a maternity specific dress. This dress isn’t my typical style either, but there’s something about it I really like so I’m confident I’ll get a lot of use out of it even after pregnancy. Pairing it with this hat does give me SLIGHT church lady on Easter vibes, but I’m kind of here for it.

Details about this outfit:

Dress: H&M Maternity

Shoes: Everlane – review here (sustainable)

Hat: Lack of Color (sustainable)

Earrings: thrifted/vintage. Similar here (sustainable)

This dress totally reminds me of something my mom would have worn when she was pregnant with me and my sisters in the 80’s. It has a bit of a muumuu-esque vibe to it, and for all intents and purposes it’s not what you “should” wear when pregnant because of how much extra volume it gives you… BUT I feel SO good when I wear it. Not only is it made of cotton (so no uncomfortable scratching), but I just love the silhouette of it. Unfortunately it’s sold out in this color, but it’s still available in the prettiest light blue and white stripe.

Details about this outfit:

Dress: Carleen (gifted) (sustainable)

Sandals: Everlane – review here (gifted) (sustainable)

Earrings: no longer available. Similar here (sustainable)

Well that’s it! It’s nice to finally be able to find motivation to get dressed. We’ll see how long this continues, but I’ll be 35 weeks next week so I feel like anything could happen at this point!

What are you guys doing this weekend? We have to put in some hostas (SO exciting ha!), but I think I’m going to try and rally and take the girls to the beach. We’ll see though!


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