A Week of Outfits: Dressing for Comfort

dressing for comfort, camel colored jumpsuit, cotton jumpsuit, white sandals, maternity jumpsuit

Hi friends! I’m happy (and thankful) to report that things keep getting better and better around here.

Yes, I’m still struggling with heartburn, but mentally I’ve made a massive turn around. It’s interesting because I started really struggling mentally around 30 weeks, and it started to get better around 34 weeks… and I remember really struggling around the same timeframe with the twins, but it never went away because I delivered at 33 weeks and then went directly into NICU depression and later postpartum depression.

I’m happy to be surprised with an upswing in my mental health, and I’m hoping (and praying) that I won’t struggle so much this time around with postpartum depression… especially because a lot of that depression stemmed from a loss of “expectation.” Having newborn twins is not at ALL like having a single baby and struggling through something I never thought I’d experience (they were completely spontaneous so hearing the news that I was pregnant with twins was the single most shocking news I’ve ever heard in my entire life).

All that to say, I’m hopeful this experience will be better, but I’m also holding it with loose hands… and with the tools I need to get help if necessary.

With that said, I’ve been getting dressed a lot more often so I have a bit more to share with you this week… although dressing for comfort is still my number one goal ha!

Details about this outfit:

I’ve been really surprised by how much I have worn jumpsuits this pregnancy. They weren’t really available to me with my first two pregnancies so this is the first time that I’ve had them at my disposal and let me tell you… they are SO comfy! The biggest reason is the lack of waistband. I find myself unable to deal with waistbands right now (or at least for more than a few hours), and a comfy jumpsuit gives a pulled together look, but is loose and comfy on my belly. This one in particular is so nice to wear because it has just a touch of stretch. As you can see, I didn’t do much in the way of styling here, but it still looks like an intentional outfit. Such a win!

jumpsuit: everlane (gifted) (review here)

sandals: everlane (review here)

bag: souvenir from milan

earrings: vintage. similar here

Details about this outfit:

Speaking of waistbands, these shorts have run their course I think. Thankfully they don’t actually have a maternity waistband so I’ll be able to pull them out next summer, but my belly is just too big to wear something that isn’t maternity specific right now. I paired them with this super old white button down that I honestly haven’t worn in a couple of years, but haven’t been able to get rid of. I’m glad now because the length is going to be nice for these last few weeks of pregnancy (feels so strange to type that!). I’ve worn a variation of this outfit all summer, but I really think you can’t go wrong with khaki and white… it’s such a lovely combo!

blouse: super old from urban outfitters. similar here.

shorts: no longer available. similar here.

shoes: everlane (gifted) (see review here)

necklace: joy personalized

bag: shin+na (gifted) (see review here)

Details about this outfit:

Alright you guys, I’ve had a lot of questions about the opacity of this dress so I’m here to answer all of your questions. It IS pretty sheer, but in these photos I’m wearing it with colored underwear and it’s actually pretty hard to see through the linen (it’s the same in person as well). However, if you’re standing in full on sun you’d probably be able to see it peeking through. With that said, normally when I wear it I wear nude underwear and you can’t see anything at all. I hope that answers your questions!

dress: love and confuse

sandals: everlane

bag: anthropologie

necklace: joy personalized

Details about this outfit:

To be totally honest with you guys, I didn’t actually wear this jacket out of the house. It’s still too hot for that extra layer, but I couldn’t resist throwing it on and thinking about fall weather ha! As far as maternity outfits go, I do really like the base of this outfit. I’ve been wearing a lot of loose silhouettes because they’re more comfy, but it’s nice to really show off the bump sometimes. Whenever I do, I surprise myself with how big I’ve gotten ha!

maternity tank: old navy

maternity pants: h&m

sandals: madewell

jacket: love and confuse

bag: thrifted. super similar here.

Details about this outfit:

AND we’re back to the looser silhouettes… I just can’t stay away! I have really enjoyed these loose linen dresses, but I am at a point where I need a light cotton layer underneath for them to be comfy… which isn’t the worse thing ever. You may have also noticed that I’ve worn a lot of these Everlane sandals this week, and it’s because my feet are starting to swell and I need comfy, stretchy shoes right now. Anything “day” by Everlane is perfect for that right now. The leather on that line of shoes is so stretchy and soft that they feel really good on my feet.

dress: linen fox

sandals: everlane

And that’s it! We’ve got a pretty full weekend as my parents are in town for my nieces’ birthdays. It’s nice because the next few weekends we have things going on so I think these last few weeks of pregnancy are actually going to go pretty fast (fingers crossed anyway).

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