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Lace Tank Top (thrifted), Similar; skinny jeans; Sandals; Tote

Being willing to wear an outfit twice in the same week has been a complete change for me.  Although I’ve never had so many clothes that I never outfit repeated, it did take quite a while to get through all of my options. Having a limited wardrobe has forced me to get over my “fear” of being seen in the same outfit twice, and instead be creative with what I have.  This has honestly been so refreshing for me!  I’m someone that really likes to be in control (I talked about this in more depth here), and this often translates into what I’m wearing.  Having fewer clothes to work with forces me to relinquish that control and be more relaxed.  And honestly, I can afford to be more relaxed… just ask my husband.

Exhibit A: these two outfits are the perfect example of wearing the same thing twice.  The first version is a dressed down look that I could wear just hanging around with Kit.  The second outfit is a dressier version that I could wear out with David on a date. It has been really fun learning how to change up my look by changing simple details.  How do you guys change up your look?  I’m especially curious for those of you who have more color and pattern in your capsules.  What do you do?

Clutch (thrifted), Similar; Heels
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July 9, 2015
July 15, 2015



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