Winter Capsule Outfit No. 39: Blush Pink and Cognac | Truncation

Blush Pink and Cognac-1 Blush Pink and Cognac-1

Two things strike me when I look at this outfit:

One – my hair is getting SO long! I really did enjoy having my hair this short, but I kind of forgot how quickly my hair grows. If I would have wanted to keep the shape of this cut I would have had to go in to get it trimmed every three weeks (which is so not happening ha!). I’m going to grow it for a bit, but I do like the idea of keeping it short!

Two – this is such a mom outfit (I’m even wearing the mom color of choice: blush pink… j/k)! I don’t think I could be any more stay at home mom in this outfit… and I’m not even a little bit sad about it. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love to get a little jazzed up on a semi regular basis, but nothing beats a comfy sweatshirt and jean outfit.

I was planning on talking with you about some new, fun topics that I want to start covering as well as the hashtag started on Instagram, but I think I’ll save it for tomorrow, because (here’s a blogging secret for you)…

I get up early to write these posts. I sit in the basement where my computer is and as I’m writing this I can hear the pitter patter of tiny toddler feet running around upstairs. #faceplant

So I have to go deal with that. Tomorrow my friends! We’ll have some fun discussions.

Outfit Details:

Blush Sweatshirt: Old Gap | Ethical Option

Skinny Denim: AG Wear for a long time option Affordable Option 

Comfy Sneakers: Adidas (20% off) | Ethical Option

Tote: Madewell

Until next time,


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    February 5, 2018

    I love a good sweatshirt and jeans, and that blush one is perfect! Totally get the pitter-patter of little feet. Since I’ve been watching Phoebe I try to do my journaling and blogging when she naps, but that doesn’t always go as planned!

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      February 7, 2018

      Thank you! Yes, I’ve learned with motherhood that things rarely ever go according to plan!

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    February 5, 2018

    This outfit is absolutely beautiful. Very dreamy. Now I wish I had a sweatshirt like that.

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      February 7, 2018

      Thanks Mikayla!


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