Winter ’18 Capsule Outfit No. 11: Black, White, & Red

Favorite Color Combo. Black White and Red-2

Favorite Color Combo. Black White and Red-2Favorite Color Combo. Black White and Red-2

Let’s talk about these pants for a minute.

I mentioned this in my capsule reveal post, but these pants are really old. Ten years maybe?

They’re back from when I worked in an office pre-children (they’re actually one of the first pairs of pants I purchased post college as a newly graduated working girl).

For this capsule, I was craving a pair of twill pants because sometimes I just don’t feel like wearing jeans, but I also don’t want to wear leggings either.

But I already knew my money was going to have to go towards knitwear, so I pulled these out of storage instead of purchasing a new pair.

Duh! You might think. Why wouldn’t I do that instead of purchasing a new pair.

Well, here’s the thing: they really aren’t exactly what I was looking for. They’re more of a lower mid rise and I’m pretty much a high rise addict at this point.

Plus, the knees are starting to sag a bit and the foldover clasp at the waist makes them hard to wear with a belt.

My point in telling you all of this is that sometimes, it’s okay to settle.

Sometimes it’s okay to live with what you have.

Will I replace them someday? Probably yes.

But for right now, I chose staying within budget over shiny and new.

My old self would have just run out and bought the pants without really thinking about how that choice might affect the other people in my household.

but I’m learning (bit by bit), that my wants are not always meant to be satisfied.

Contentment for the win!

Classic Tee: Everlane

Black pants: old Gap | Ethical Option | Made in USA option | Affordable Option

Casual Sneaker: Vans | Ethical Option

Gold Necklace: Layered and Long

Silver Necklace: Everli Jewelry c/o

Bag: Thrifted J. Crew | Similar Ethical

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  1. December 24, 2017 / 6:32 pm

    I enjoy hearing the history behind people’s clothing. This is a nice reminder that basics never go out of style. They just look well loved over time.

    • Karin
      January 4, 2018 / 8:50 am

      Thanks! And I have loved these pants throughout the many years that I’ve had them.

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