Spring 2018 Outfit 32: 30 Wears

Spring 2018 Outfit 25: 30 Wears

Spring 2018 Outfit 25: 30 WearsSpring 2018 Outfit 25: 30 Wears

I’ve heard a lot of chatter in the ethical fashion community lately about “30 wears”…

i.e. are you wearing the clothing that you own at least 3o times…

or from another angle: are you purchasing clothing that you know you will wear at least 30 times.

This hat is one of those fast fashion purchases I made long before I ever pursued ethical fashion.

I think it was around $10 at Forever 21…

not a purchase I would ever make now, but it is something that I have gotten a ton of wear out of.

While I don’t think it’s a good idea to purchase something from Forever 21 just because you might wear it a lot, there is something to say for choosing clothing from a middle of the road company that you’ll wear a ton vs. something you kind of love from an ethical shop, and will want to replace in a year.

Obviously the ideal scenario is that you find something you love from a thrift store or ethical shop that you’ll wear a lot, but ideal scenarios are not alway real life scenarios.

I guess the bottom line is that wherever you end up purchasing clothing from, wear the HECK out of it.

Clothing Details:
Dress: No Longer Available. Similar.
Hat: No Longer Available. Similar

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