30 Days of Summer Style Day 28 + Where my Kids Went

30 Days of Summer Style Day 28

So you may or may not have noticed that over the last six months or so I’ve been sharing fewer and fewer photos of my girls.

This wasn’t exactly a conscious decision, but now that it’s become more of my routine to NOT include them I’m glad I made the transition.

I don’t have any issues with including them in photos, or feel a moral compulsion not to… and if they want to sneak into a photo (Kit sometimes does) then I’m not opposed to that.

But note the word “want.” My girls are three active little kiddos that have zero desire to have their photo taken or pose for mommy’s camera… at least not in any formal capacity. They don’t mind me taking quick photos of them with my iphone, but they have no desire to pause for a photo shoot.

When they were smaller, it was super easy to include them because they didn’t care (obviously), but now that they’re more vocal I let them decide.

And I personally don’t want to ever view them as “content” and therefore feel like I have to force them into taking photos, or get stressed when they don’t cooperate.

So we have kind of just settled into a new routine of them showing up in my stories, but not so much on my blog or social channels.

And now that we’ve settled there I’ve realized how much I enjoy them NOT being in my photos (ha!).

First of all, photos take half the time to take. But second, and most important, I feel so much less pressure to have them looking “instagram cute.” I didn’t realize how pressured I felt until they were no longer in photos. Now, they just wear what kids wear… hand me downs, thrifted clothes, clothes that can get good and dirty. I mean, I still like them in cute clothes, but 90% of the time they are in hand me downs that can take a beating. This is how I want it.

So yeah, not necessarily a conscious decision to exclude them but it’s been the right decision. I know some of you were here specifically for the kid photos (I’m talking about you mom and mom in law), but you’re just going to have to settle for me (lucky you ha!).

Before you go, a little chat about next week:

I have two days left to show you in this 30 Days of Summer Style series, but David and I are actually sneaking out of town Sunday-Tuesday for a little 10 year anniversary trip so I’m going to do a little roundup of what I wore (i.e. outfits 29-30) on Wednesday.

See you then!

Outfit Details:

Tee, Everlane (Sustainable)

Shorts, Target Maternity | Non Maternity Option Here (Sustainable)

Shoes, J. Crew (no longer available in leopard, but available in this color) | Sustainable Option Here

Purse, Friday by J.W. Pei (Vegan)

Jewelry: Bee Medallion Necklace, & Other Stores | Motherhood Pendant, GLDN (Sustainable) | Hoops, thrifted. Similar here (super on sale!)

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