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    Winter Capsule Outfit No. 48: Red Stripes, Mom Jeans, & Balance

    Red Stripes and Mom Jeans-1

    Red Stripes and Mom Jeans-1 Red Stripes and Mom Jeans-1

    I’m currently writing this the day after Valentine’s day in the wee hours of the morning, and let me tell you it’s a struggle!

    I’m feeling a bit of a hangover (after only two glasses of wine so don’t judge too hard people ha!), regretting my decision to eat dairy (I’ve pretty completely cut out dairy from my diet) and feeling soooo tired from staying up too late.

    The life of a parent!

    I’ve been thinking lately though about Truncation and how it fits into the rest of my life, and I have to say that I’ve been feeling really good about the new layout and sharing daily outfits.

    To you, it probably seems like more work on my end, but in reality it’s actually so much less work!

    Taking photos/editing them is a very time intensive process. Doing all of my pictures at once has allowed me to be able to get all of my blogging for the day done before my girls even get up and it’s allowed me to have more time to do other things I care about besides blogging.

    I absolutely love blogging (I wouldn’t do it otherwise!), but it had gotten to a point where I was only being a mom or blogging. I had no time for other things such as reading, working out, picking up new hobbies (like sewing!) and I was beginning to feel really burned out.

    But in the last few months I’ve gotten a lot of those things back and it’s made me an all around much healthier, much happier person. I know part of feeling better has also been getting past the first year with Ella and Rosie, but it’s also been because I decided that allowing my interests to be diversified was really important.

    So going forward into spring you should expect this to continue! This was kind of a trial run to see how much work it would actually be, but it’s been such a success on my end (and hopefully your end as well!) that I see it continuing for awhile. I do have a little shakeup that I’ll be incorporating into my spring posts that I think you’ll really love, but you’ll just have to wait to see what it is!

    On a side note: I really love this tee. Perfect fit, perfect color, perfect stripe width… it’s just so good! Plus the fabric is super soft and I don’t find that to always be true with Everlane’s tees. If you’re wanting to pick up one of their long sleeve tees, I highly recommend this style!

    And can we also thank the 90’s for coming up with mom jeans? I always used to mock my 90’s mom counterparts wondering why they would ever wear a pair of jeans so unflattering… but now I totally get it.

    And there’s a baby crying so time for me to shut. it. down. 😉

    Outfit details:

    Striped Tee: Everlane 

    Black Denim: Frame | Wear for a long time option | Affordable option

    Casual Sneaker: Vans | Ethical Option

    Purse: Vintage Coach | Similar

    Earrings: ABLE

    Until next time,