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    Let’s Talk About Capsule Wardrobes Again

    Let's Talk About Capsule Wardrobes Again 4

    Let's Talk About Capsule Wardrobes Again 3Let's Talk About Capsule Wardrobes Again 2 Let's Talk About Capsule Wardrobes Again 5 Let's Talk About Capsule Wardrobes Again 6

     I talked about this a little bit last week on Instagram, but I was recently scrolling through old Instagram pictures and I was reminded of where Truncation started: with a simple capsule wardrobe.

    It made me miss that season… when everything was still new and exciting.

    I haven’t posted much lately on the subject and I’d love to say it’s because I’m just so insanely busy with my three girls, but while that is true, the real reason is that my capsules just weren’t exciting me anymore.

    And if I’m going to be totally honest with you guys, it’s because clothes in general are not a happy thing for me right now.

    My body changed a LOT with the twin pregnancy and it’s made getting dressed a source of anxiety and dread.

    It’s much easier to share photos of my children than to show photos of myself, newly acquired love handles and all.

    I (truthfully) don’t hate my body nor is it something I feel the need to change right at this moment.

    My problem is that I just don’t know how to dress it in it’s new state.

    But looking back on the old photos, it made me realize that this whole journey was never about having all of the answers. It was about growing together and learning as we went. I miss that. I miss figuring things out and messing things up together as a community.

    So I’d like to start posting more about capsules again, though I’m not going to hold myself to any particular schedule (because we all know how good I am at sticking with things).

    What I am going to do is just more actively pursue the practice again and do as I always did before: share the journey with you.

    Does anyone else struggle in this way? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

    Until next time,



    Outfit Details:

    Silk Tank: Everlane
    Shorts: Thrifted. Similar USA Made. Almost exact in linen.
    Scarf: Madewell
    Sandals: Saltwater by Hoy